BCS Coordinator & Data Analyst

Entreprise: BRANA, S.A.

Type de contrat de travail:
Temps plein

Secteur d'activité:

Localisation: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Date d'embauche: 29 janvier 2018

Publiée le: Dec 29, 2017


BCS Coordinator & Data Analyst at BRANA, S.A.

Description du poste:


To ensure Data Integrity.
To be first point of contact for Brana for all BCS communication.
To support the packaging, utilities, logistic departments consumption and performance in order to support decision-making and ultimately to reach targets.


o Ensures the maintenance, quality and reliability of the information entered into the BCS program;
o Processes information, reports anomalies, checks the use of daily control system (DCS);
o Acts as a contact person for all matters related to the BCS training of new employees;
o Performs program updates as directed by the BCS coordinator in the Americas region;
o Works closely with the lines managers to gather information in real time and produce reports;
o Check the reliability of the data provided and completes the database for this purpose;
o Evaluates key performance indicators against the information collected and publishes a tracking chart of results and deviations from targets;
o Produces a monthly report with the main production performance indicators.
o Performs all other duties related to his function at the request of his superiors;
o Works in collaboration with the utility, packaging and TPM facilitators by providing support to avoid unnecessary losses.
o Ensures that all users or managers of each module or section have uploaded the data into the BCS in the requested time.
o Provides a detailed and regularly updated deployment of all utilities (Water, Electricity, Thermal Energy, CO2);
o Designs a visual daily control system for the utilities department;
o Ensure that the Daily Control System (DCS) boards are posted in specific places of the production department;
o Provides suggestions and recommendations at an equipment level based on data collected to be able to reach the set targets and provide estimates of performance on a regularly basis;
o Uses the UBM (Utilities Benchmark Model) tool to forecast year on year;
o Improves the information system in order to monitor and collect data efficiently;
o Presents analysis reports to the Brewing and Utilities Maintenance Manager;
o Look for best practices across Heineken breweries and other industries in order to define improvement projects;
o Recommends training based on analysis findings.

o University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in a related field (Engineering will be preferred)

Qualifications requises:

o 2-5 years’ experience in data analysis

o Advanced Knowledge of Spreadsheets Management and Excel, Word, Power Point;
o Leadership skills, teamwork, strong analytical skills, good communication, enthusiastic, reliable and consistent, problem-solving, independent, good judgment, accept responsibilities, experience in warehouse management, ability to perform under pressure
o Expected to be familiar with all production and logistics processes of the Unit.
o Fluent in English, French & Creole
o Ability To Work Under Pressure And In A Cross-Cultural Environment;

Documents required
 Letter of expression of interest (1 page)
 Curriculum Vitae (Resume) ;
 Recent Criminal record (Casier Judiciaire)
 Other support documents.

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