Planning Manager

Entreprise: Brasserie de la Couronne S.A.

Type de contrat de travail:
Contrat à durée indéterminée

Secteur d'activité:

Localisation: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Date d'embauche: 3 mai 2018

Publiée le: Apr 18, 2018


Planning Manager at Brasserie de la Couronne S.A.

Description du poste:

The planning Manager is responsible to execute and follow up the processes of planning and monitoring of inventories of finished products, packaging, raw materials and key supplies, and programming of production lines and freight to distribution centers.
Scope of activities includes but is not limited to:
Establish inventory levels accordingly with the policies of the company.
Develop the purchasing plan for the materials under his responsibility.
Track the behavior of the inventories of these materials, in order to prevent deviations.
Give timely notice of any deviation from planned, in order to prevent additional costs.
Develop or maintain information systems to gather and connect key data of related departments (sales, warehouse, purchasing, administration, production, maintenance) to the plant.
Support plant staff in the process of planning and budgeting.
In a way to succeed in this position the holder will have to develop effective and positive relationship with other positions
Operations manager: daily and monthly report of inventories, production and breakage; control of inventory levels; execution and follow up of the production and freight programs.
Production manager: execution and follow up of production program.
Sales manager: daily and monthly report of sales, per SKU and distribution center; daily and monthly report of introduction to market of returnable bottles and crates.
Distribution center managers: daily and monthly report of inventories and breakage.
Quality Assurance manager: quality assurance report of new returnable bottles, crates and pallets.
Purchasing manager: execution and follow up of purchasing orders of returnable bottles, crates and pallets.

Qualifications requises:

Bachelor degree in industrial engineering, although other engineering-related disciplines are suitable. Non engineering-related disciplines could be considered depending on the experience of the candidate.
Not essential but preferable, at least two years in similar or related positions like purchasing.
Advanced skills in computing tools, particularly Excel.
Self-directed, energetic and results-driven.
Strong leadership and communication abilities.
Willing to work under pressure and flexible schedules
Fluent in Creole, French and English. Spanish will be a plus.
Familiar with ISO standards: ISO 9001: 2015, 14000: 2005 & 22002-1-2009, and OSHA 18000: 2008.

A propos de Brasserie de la Couronne S.A.

Brasserie de la Couronne, S.A., is the carbonated soft drink manufacturer and the licensed bottler for the Coca-Cola Company in Haiti since 1927 for Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, and more recently Gladiator. We produce the populars Cola Couronne Fruit Champagne and Couronne Limonade. We are one of the longest running companies as well as one of the largest private sector employers in Haiti today.
We are the first company within the food industry in Haiti to be certify for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000: 2005, FSCC 22002-2009, and OSHAS 18000: 2008.
Driving for results leads to recognition and personal growth. Join the team of Brasserie de la Couronne S.A and make a difference by pursuing everything that you do with the determination that sets us apart from our competitors
At BRACOUR, The success that comes from within each of us is recognized, and creates opportunities for growth in the organization and allow us to achieve our goal: “Be perfect, be love, be there”.

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