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Entreprise: Parole & Action

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Localisation: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Date d'embauche: 22 avril 2019

Publiée le: Mar 15, 2019


Manager Haiti Job booster at Parole & Action

Description du poste:

Haiti is in a unique position where most countries around it are advancing their economies and creating massive amount of jobs. Haiti’s economy has not been growing much to reflect the growth of its neighbors. However, key opportunities remain viable to be able to create employment today and in the future. The Job booster aims to facilitate the gap between private sector requirements for employment, what the training sector is offering in terms of skillsets and those needing employment. This innovative approach will bank on using tools to best cater to the industrial market in order to fulfill the need for large groups of trained qualified staff that will be able to deliver quality products that meet or exceed industry standard. So, the job booster holds a critical position to take away job creators’ problems by providing them with the staff needed and relieve them from spending quality time away from their real work.
As an enterprise-based solution, Job booster will tap into networks and TVET centers to fulfill requests at a reasonable cost, ensuring that businesses get employees with the exact required skillset and not just generally trained staff. Driven by sustainability, and pushing for a changed approach in skills training, this new enterprise will have the merit of being a cutting-edge platform to act as a connector for job creators to continuously add value to their businesses while creating much needed jobs in Haiti.

Qualifications requises:

Academic :
Job booster will require applicants to hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in business or related fields or higher. Applicants must have proven practical knowledge of the concept of business model, business plan, customer service, enterprise solution, sale, planning and reporting.

Experience :
Three to five years of experience in Haiti or abroad preferably in business management, start-up enterprises or related fields. Applicants coming from the NGO market should be proficient in business terms and have a real sense of results-based management, business model development and business plan execution through enterprise resource planning and business model engineering.

Business acumen :
The position will be based in Port au Prince with the possibility to travel to various sites throughout Haiti to connect with job creators and business centers (manufacturing, agriculture and / or others). Candidates need to speak and write English very well as well as Kreyol and French. They will also need to interact with foreign counterparts, accept feedback and respond in a timely basis with critical implementation or reasoning to move forward as presented. Critical thinking, problem- solving and collaboration in an international setting are needed skills to make the job booster a success. A passion for new ventures and start-ups and seeing change happen through job creation in Haiti is indispensable.

Compensation :
Accepted applicant will be offered a base salary, as well as further result-based and performancebased incentives such as potential bonuses and or possible shares within the new ventures.

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